Adapted Biking / Trail Trike Program at Bellevue State Park

Adaptive Bikes Provide Greater Access to Cycling. Don’t let physical limitations stop you from enjoying a bike ride! The trail trike program provides hand-crank and recumbent trikes that offer people with a wide variety of disabilities greater stability and function as they access bike paths, trails, and roads.

People using wheelchairs with good upper body strength most commonly use hand cycles. For people who cannot use their legs to propel themselves, trikes are a wonderful way to get out of a wheelchair and experience the exercise benefits of cycling.

Program Description:  Year-round.  Our newest program addition to Yes U Can USA!  This program is in partnership with Bellevue State Park.  Park fees apply.  Now you can bike with your friends.  Adapted trikes available for you and regular bicycles are available for use for able participants.

April 1st thru October 31st:  7 days a week

November 1st thru March 31st:  Monday – Friday

Bike rental hours are from 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM.

Adapted trikes need to be returned to the state park office by 4:00 PM closing time.

Maximum rental time: 2 hours.

Reservations are permitted and suggested for adapted trikes.  Regular bikes cannot be reserved.  Bikes are available 1st come 1st serve for walk-in’s.  $4 Park Entrance Fee.

Hand-Crank Trike:  Our ‘hand-cranked’ trike is great for individuals who have limited or no lower body ability.  Bike with your hands by simply rotating your arms and hands.  Three wheels (trike) can help those with balance issues as well.  Yes U Can bike!

Recumbent Trike:  Our recumbent trike is a traditional pedal system using the lower body.  Three wheels (trike) will help those with balance issues.  A great way to get around the park!

Reservations:  call Bellevue State Park at 302-761-6963