mikerState Representative in Delaware since 2008.

Michael is proud and honored to be a part of the Yes U Can organization.

Michael attended the University of Delaware from 1979 through late 1982 when he opened his first business, Ramones Flower Shoppes.  Since 1982, Michael, a true entrepreneur, has founded, owned and operated local businesses with his wife of 29 years, Lisa. Together, they currently own 6 successful businesses and employ over 200 individuals throughout the year.  For 35 years, Michael’s  passion has been coaching and mentoring children of all ages in swimming, and in life.  He has coached at various community clubs and non profit organizations as well as at public and private high schools in New Castle County.   Michael serves on the Board of the Make-a-Splash Foundation Delaware and as treasurer for Delaware Chemo-Care Foundation.  He is past President of the Pike Creek /Hockessin Rotary.  He is an active member of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, and the Delaware PTA.  Michael continues to serve on the following State Committees:  Joint Sunset Committee; Economic Development; Banking, Insurance and Commerce; Housing and Community Affairs; Revenue and and Finance; Veterans Affairs; and Labor.  Additionally, he serves the people of our State by providing council to:  The Kids Caucus, The Small Business Caucus, The Family Law Commission, and he is honored to be asked to serve on two Governors Counsel’s, the Governors  Mentoring Council for Children and Youth, and the Governors  Council on Health, Promotion, and Disease Prevention.