wayneWayne Hunter is the founder of Children With Challenges, a nonprofit organization that takes challenged children fishing. Wayne has joined Yes U Can USA to take us fishing! He spearheads many other activities at Yes U Can USA, all geared to Get You Up, Get You Out and Get You Movin’!

Wayne has received two Governor Awards as an Outstanding Volunteer for community service and has also received a Jefferson Medal for Volunteerism from the U.S. Congress. In addition, Wayne was a formidable engineer designing manned and unmanned spacecraft. How cool is that? He brings that expertise to Yes U Can and helps to design adaptive equipment for our programs. He also helps to project manage the Sr. and Jr. Design Projects with the University of Delaware, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. We are very fortunate to have Wayne join us!

Some of Wayne’s Impressive Accomplishments

Helped design unmanned spacecraft including:

  • Infrared Astronomy Spacecraft (IRAS)
  • Hubble Space Telescope
  • Pioneer Venus

Manned spacecraft systems:

  • Space Shuttle Star Scanners and Guidance System
  • Apollo 15 to Apollo 18 lunar rovers and scientific instruments

Helped design and test medical imaging equipment including:

  • CT scanners, MRI scanners, Nuclear & PET scanners, Ultrasound imaging devices, and X-ray systems

United States chairman of the CISPR International Electromagnetic Compliance Standards organization